Achieving Mental Fitness: Transforming Stress into Strength

Ke Wynn Medical Fitness Center

Saturday, 7 March 2020
3:00pm - 3:00pm MYT

ACHIEVING MENTAL FITNESS: Transforming Stress into Strength

  • Are you “mentally fit”?
  • Are stress and self-doubt holding you back from achieving what you are really capable of?
  • Can you train body and mind to transform stress into strength?

For the first time in Penang, two experts have combined their knowledge and expertise in medical and psychological fitness to provide you with real solutions to one of the biggest challenges facing us today: How to transform stress into strength and resilience in our busy, stressful lives.

In this FREE, highly informative introduction you will learn:

  • Why stress has become the “epidemic of our time” according to the World Health Organization;
  • How chronic stress can lead to numerous physical and psychological disorders;
  • How your mental attitude can make you weak or strong, physically and mentally; and,
  • The basics of “mental fitness” and how you can train your mind and body to develop strength and resilience.



Karl LaRowe M.A., LCSW is an international speaker, author, HRDF approved corporate trainer who has given over 1,000 trainings in the past 25 years to more than 50,000 people in over a dozen countries on how to transform stress into positive energy.


Ke Wynn is an international award-winning medical exercise specialist and Exercise Director for Ke Wynn Medical Fitness Center in Penang.