Tricks of the Trade: Working with 3D Printing

Wisma Yeap Chor Ee

Saturday, 4 August 2018
11:00am - 12:00pm MYT

Dr Sam Canning, Senior Lecturer, Queensland College of Art and designer of the Griffith 3D printed dress will present practical design strategies for additive manufacturing (3D printing). 
Additive manufacturing is transforming diverse industries across design disciplines such as product and fashion through to medicine, law, business, forensics, engineering and architecture. 3D printers are capable of creating not only test prototypes, but functional end-use products with a large variety of materials available including plastics, metals, carbon fibre, wood composites and more.  Queensland College of Art graduates have been recognised nationally and internationally for utilising additive manufacturing. 
The workshop is designed for Art and Design teachers and Guidance Counselors seeking to understand the possibilities with 3D printing. 


This workshop is part of The Griffith Creative Arts Room.

The Griffith Creative Arts Room is an interactive space presented by Griffith University as part of its programme line-up. The Arts, Education and Law Group at Griffith University, one of the best Creative Arts schools in Australia and within the Top 50 Performing Arts Universities in the World, will present an engaging interactive adventure including an immersive installation showcasing the intersection of creativity, technology and the human experience. The installation structure mimics natural forms translated into a digital aesthetic.