First People Party

Black Box, Borneo 744. Kuching, Sarawak

Saturday, 7 July 2018
9:00pm - 11:00pm MYT

Featuring performances from:

Electric Fields: Playing to mammoth crowds at the world-famous WOMADadelaide last year, the exhilarating Electric Fields will take centre stage. A potent new music bringing together the brilliance and creativity of music producer and composer Michael Ross, with the mesmerising sensitivity of Zaachariaha Fielding - whose rare and beautiful voice has been described as ‘taking soul to the stratosphere’. These two feminine brothers create a striking and haunting merging of living traditional culture with electronic music.

AT ADAU: Originating in Sarawak, AT ADAU started as an experimental world music band driven by the spirit of traditional Sape’ tunes blended with musical instruments from around the world. AT ADAU combines the traditional Bornean sounds of the Sape’ and Perutong with drums, percussions, electric and bass guitar, as well as traditional instruments such as: Djembe and Dunun from West Africa, Congas from Latin percussion, Daf from Persia, bamboo Rainstick, and many more. The band experiments with the fusion of modern and traditional instruments to create innovative and timeless music.

Pete Kallang: Sarawak’s very own gem, Pete Kallang – dubbed the vocal ‘Prince of Borneo’ by many of his fans – is best known for his deep and soulful voice and jovial persona. He has done numerous live performances ranging from formal events to fun festivals since his debut. Audiences are often drawn to his vibrant and engaging live performances.