Screening : Diary for Prasana

Scoopoint Co-Working Space

Saturday, 11 August 2018
3:00pm - 5:30pm MYT

Does Islam deny a mother's right to be with her child? Where does justice lie in this man-made world? - These are just some of the questions that Norhayti Kaprawi's documentary, 'Diari Untuk Prasana' attempts to uncover. Presented as a diary the documentary presents to the audience a glimpse into the life of Indira Gandhi, a Hindu woman. Upon her divorce, her ex-husband took their daughter, Prasana, away from Indira and converted her to Islam. Indira has been separated from her daughter for the past eight years. The documentary highlights the impact of unilateral conversion onto family members, individuals, and society at large; and lead up to a ferocious battle against Malaysia's legal system.

Director: Norhayati Kaprawi

Running Time: 43 minutes

Language: Malay (with English subtitles)