Brush Calligraphy Workshop

Scoopoint Co-Working

Sunday, 14 October 2018
10:00am - 1:00pm MYT

Contrary to popular belief, calligraphy and handwriting are two very different things (although, this will help improve your handwriting). Anyone (yes, even lefties) can learn how to write beautiful calligraphy — it just takes practice and patience.

That’s why our beginner’s workshop in contemporary, pointed-pen calligraphy will teach you everything you need to get started, without ever making you feel intimidated. We’ll go over equipment (pen holders, nibs, different ink types, papers, etc.), technique (holding the pen, dipping the pen in ink, understanding ink flow and pen pressure), lowercase letterforms, basic layouts and troubleshooting.

Spend an afternoon learning how to letter your own beautiful envelopes, invitations, chalkboards, wedding details and more. The possibilities are endless.

The following tools will be provided and included in the fee:
- Brush Pen
- Practice Book
- Frame

About the Curator:
Kelly Oo is a twenty-one year old Malaysian; a college student, a calligraphy enthusiast and the face behind the beautiful artworks of Black Beautieeeee.

Drawing and writing has always been her passion. In fact, she fell in love with art since she was young child, and would always love to share her artwork with others.

In order to secure your placement for this workshop, please follow the TWO options below to make payment:




Make a bank transfer to the following account:
Scoopoint Sdn Bhd
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*Kindly attach the payment slip after the transaction made.and Whatsapp the receipt to Scoopoint at 010 228 4368