Bees and Human

Carbon, no.47, Lebuh Melayu, Georgetown, Penang.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018
8:00pm - 8:00pm MYT

Bees and Human explores the connection between human and nature with body movements accompanying site specific sound performances including electronic noise, saxaphone and other instruments in an original Georgetown herritage townhouse.   

Bees often seen as dangerous flying insects or simply an annoyance when they buzz around are however crucial to the survival of global agriculture. The belief that bees were completely deaf was refuted by a series of experiments following the discovery that sound signals are emitted by dancing bees. The performance experiment with different acoustic space with different instruments situated in different sites. Beginning from silence, performer gradually move towards the frequencies of acoustic sounds assembled organically by sound artists.

The idea of Bees and Human is an avant-garde improvisation from local artists with diverse cultural background. Together, each artist communicates conductively to the awareness of nature, building dialogues to a later amplitude.  


Sound Artist: Yong Yandsen (saxophonist)

Sound Artist: Sudarshan Chandra Kumar

Dancer/Performer: Lim Paik Yin

Visual Artist: Annabelle Ng

Visual & Sound Artist: Kok Siew Wai


Sound Artist (saxophone):

Yong Yandsen is an improvised saxophonist. He has played at the Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival, Asian Meeting Festival (Japan), Mosaic Festival Singapore, Choppa Eclectic Improvised Music Festival (Singapore), allEars Festival (Norway), Music Matters Festival (Sri Lanka) amongst others. Yandsen, together with Darren Moore and Brian O’Reily, form an improvised trio called Game of Patience. They have toured to Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand. He has also done a few solo tours to Japan and Taiwan. Yandsen is the the co-founder of a new Malaysian record label established in 2017, LaoBan Records, that is focusing on releasing improvised music.


Sound Artist (electronics):

Sudarshan Chandra Kumar has performed for the CHOPPA Music Fest (Singapore), Playfreely (Singapore), Switch On (Malaysia) and KLEX Festival (Malaysia). He participates in Serious Play Improv Lab (SPIL; 2014-2016) regularly, a monthly experimental music series in Kuala Lumpur. Sudarshan has contributed vocals and live electronics to the following bands: HKPT, Takdir, Sorry and Think!Tadpole!Think!. Working with music for theatre, he is the music facilitator for Main Wayang (2015-2016), a children’s theatre workshop which emphasizes on the basics for orchestrating D.I.Y multimedia performances and has directed and scored music for his musical “The Propitiation of Fundamentals” (2015).



Lim Paik Yin is an interdisciplinary artist working with photography, performance art and spoken words. Graduating with a B.A in Multimedia (Media Innovation and Management), her art education is supplemented through workshops organized by galleries, collectives and cultural institutions with bases in Malaysia. Lim’s practice in theater transitioned to the visual arts through workshops organized by women’s rights groups and debut in the visual arts project, Scripted Bodies Art Exhibition in 2005. This group show use the human body as a visual motif to explore the various ideologies and political forces that shape attitudes towards the human bodies. This theme has been revisited in various forms. She is currently pursing her Masters in Visual and Media Anthropology after 5 years working as a photo researcher in a stock photography company. Her photography work has since evolved to including her practice in performance art. She is influenced by her activism in gender uality, permaculture and her dance practice in contact improvisation and Butoh.“By using the presence of oneself and transforming everyday space through performance, I can view the self as a separate entity and thus intervene in my everyday routine creating a temporal opportunity to express what is unspoken or hidden.”


Visual Artist:

Annabelle conveys her thoughts in a subtle way to communicate in the arts. The accidentals of the work, how it is an accretion of surfaces and materials are esoteric compositions that draws the audience in, making the audience want to ponder on the multiple and possible meanings.

Previously enrolled in classical music, she intend to explore the idea of music and sound through her artistic work. Her recent works focuses on visual composition of musical score, presented silently in a site specific space. Annabelle’s musical composition represent silent as beauty, with the possibilities to collaborate with musicians or individuals who has interest to interact with her musical score. The poetic nature of her works combining various medium with the elements of found objects are often unexpected in two or multi- dimensional sculptures, forging a physical space for her thoughts in the comtemporary world.


Visual & Sound Artist:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, KOK Siew-Wai 郭小慧 started out as a video artist, now more active as an improvised vocalist, and independent artist-curator & organizer. She received her B.A. in Media Study at University at Buffalo, and M.F.A. in Electronic Integrated Arts at Alfred University in America, where she based from 1998-2005. Siew-Wai has shown her videos, performed and presented her works in Asia, Europe, Canada and USA, including Nimman Film Festival 2017 (Thailand)Choppa Experimental Music Festival 2016, 2017 (Singapore), Singapore International Film Festival 2015, Singapore Night Fest 2016, Asian Meeting Festival 2015 (Japan), RRRec Fest 2015 (Indonesia), Asian Film & Video Art Forum 2015 (South Korea), Asian Experimental Video Festival in Hong Kong 2014, Video Art Attack! 2013 (Belgium), Bangkok Experimental Film Festival 2012Malaysia-Japan Video Art Exchange 2009-2010, Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival 2009, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2007, Les Rencontres Internationales 2007 (France),  solo exhibition & performance in Beyond/In Western New York Biennial 2005 (USA) and many more. Her video-text and improvised vocal performance piece “Language of Self” (2011) was collected by the He Xiangning Art Museum in Shenzhen, China.

Siew‐Wai has a deep passion for the avant-garde, improvisational and experimental arts. She feels that it is important to embrace the variety of unique expressions in the arts, especially not to discriminate works that are lesser known or that challenge conventional codes and expectations. After moving back to Malaysia in 2005 and realising the lacking of alternative voices in the local art scene, Siew-Wai has decided to devote her time and energy mainly as an artist-organizer. She set up SiCKL (Studio in Cheras Kuala Lumpur), an alternative artist collective with her peers, and organized many DIY video screenings and music events since then. She was the co-festival director of Sama-sama Guesthouse Mini Alternative Art Festival 2010, a no-budget art festival; and co-curator of the music programme in Notthatbalai Art Festival 2007. Siew-Wai’s most committed role is as the co-founder, co-curator and festival director of the Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival (KLEX) since 2010. Through KLEX, she is actively connected with the international experimental art communities, and has shown her curated screening programmes in Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and USA. Siew-Wai is currently teaching at the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia.

Siew-Wai’s artworks are mostly personal and poetic, expressing various subjects in everyday life such as emotions, contemplation and the human body. Her greatest inspiration in artmaking comes from “the little things in everyday life”. She works with video and music improvisation, and is most interested in focusing at the moment and reflecting oneself inwardly. To her, reflecting daily life experience and understanding the basics of human existence is a very practical yet significant inquisition. She believes that insights and wisdoms are discovered from the most honest and banal daily happenings. Her artmaking method is an extension of diary writing, a self-reflecting activity, and a habit that she has adopted since 8 years old. In her vocal works, Siew-Wai is interested to explore the possibilities of the human voice, which can be a versatile musical instrument and an extension of human emotions, through music improvisation. Siew-Wai performs regularly in Kuala Lumpur, and often being invited to perform internationally such as in Canada, China, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and USA.


Date & Time: 8 Aug 2018

Ticket price: RM50