MXM Match Up Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur

HGH Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, 1 May 2018
6:00pm - 11:59pm MYT

MXM組合名稱是“MIX & MATCH”及“MORE & MORE”的縮寫,寓意林煐岷和金東賢兩人風格混搭而相得益彰,在一起展現越來越好的魅力!他們參加韓國Mnet頻道大熱男團選秀節目《Produce 101》第二季,二人就已憑借出眾的實力、清新陽光的外表以及極佳的唱跳表演迅速累積大量人氣,收獲大批粉絲追隨,分別成為總決賽候選人。組合極受公司BRANDNEW MUSIC力捧,出道專輯由公司CEO Rhymer親自坐鎮監制、保駕護航。

在去年七月正式出道並迅速躥紅,兩首出道新單曲“GOOD DAY”及“I JUST DO”引爆人氣,出道首次直播總共吸引4200萬點讚,再次印證其人氣火爆!於9 月發行的出道專輯UNMIX,不僅在韓國預售量狂超3萬張,更是瘋狂橫掃亞洲多國。專輯主打I’M THE ONE 成績亮眼,在YouTube 攬獲2百萬播放量,在泰國iTunes奪得冠軍,打入泰國、台灣、香港、新加坡及馬來西亞iTunes Top 5。

專輯發行後MXM 更是親身席卷多個亞洲地區舉辦巡回Fan Meeting,包括香港、台灣、韓國及泰國的見面會門票均在幾分鐘內被粉絲一掃而光,所到之處都是粉絲興奮尖叫,足見人氣爆棚!

即將發行第二張專輯《REMATCH》強勢回歸的MXM,此次來馬不僅會在見面會中帶來最精致的表演,也會與大家作近距離的互動。MXM《MATCH UP》粉絲見面會票價分為PREMIUM RM450(對號入座), VIP RM380(對號入座), CAT1 RM250(對號入座),所有票價含6%消費稅但不包括RM4手續費。每个人限制只能购买最多4 张票。

MXM is a project unit signed under Brand New Music and Warner Music Korea that consists of two members, Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun. The members rose to fame after participating in Produce 101 Season 2 (one of the most popular survival reality music programs in Korea), alongside their label mates, Lee Daehwi and Park Woo Jin who won the program and debuted as members in Wanna One.

MXM officially debuted in September 6 has already proven their talent when they participated in writing and arranging their debut tracks. They recently made another come back with their double digital single “REMATCH” before kick starting their fan meeting in Seoul, Korea. Compared to their previous title songs ‘I Am The One’ and ‘Diamond Girl’ which are more towards colorful and funky concept, their latest tracks ‘Gone Cold’ and ‘Love Me Now’ are the exact opposite. ‘Gone Cold’ has a medium tempo and focuses more on the members’ vocal. This also proved that MXM is able to blend and adapt any concept perfectly.