Design Thinking and Leading Breakthrough Innovation in Penang

Hotel Equatorial Penang

Monday, 11 November 2019
9:00am - 5:00pm MYT

Design Thinking Harnesses on both, elements of CONVERGENT THINKING and DIVERGENT THINKING, thus employing both leftbrain and right brain faculties in order to boost creativity and solve life’s most important and complex needs.Design thinking aims to understand human/customer needs and use an iterative process creatively in order to address those needs

with an aim to:

• Add value to people/customers

• Support sustainability

• Achieve business growth

• Drive breakthrough & Disruptive innovation in Design of products, Services and Solutions for Living


• The proven methodology of Design Thinking which companies like Apple,SAP, Marriott and others are using to achieve breakthrough results

• How to lead the Innovation process to achieve breakt hrough improvements for your organization/self

• How to build value and sustainable competitive advantage

• How to create ideas for new products, services, strategies, processes etc.

• How to survive and grow in an ever-changing world

• Complement and obtain better results in Lean, Six Sigma and otherimprovement methodologies