Create Your Own Virtual 3D Game App in 8 Hours

Lot A1102 Menara A, Jalan Pandan Utama, Persiaran Mpaj

Saturday, 14 July 2018
9:00am - 6:00pm MYT

How You’ll Learn?

1. Step-by-Step Guidance

- Our workshop provides you with an exclusive learning path to understand every line of code by giving you guidance from every single step.

2. Handouts Given

- We prepare complete handouts for you to gain a better understanding thoroughly or revise the content at home.

3. Self-paced Online Video Learning

- We provide an online video as well as some other important learning materials after the workshop. Participant always get the chance to revise the content taught in the class with your own pace. Most importantly, you can still ask question even it is out of the classroom, we will have our tutor to answer your question explicitly.

Speaker Profile:

Voon is the co-founder of the startup, Gieption Sdn. Bhd. He is the research leader of R&D team on Mobile App Developing and Artificial Intelligence. He has more than 6 years of experience in programming by using the different frameworks such as C, C++, C#, JAVA, Python, Dart, JavaScript, and etc. Currently, he is serving as a volunteer in engineering association, the IET, The Institution of Engineering and Technology working on the development of technology globally. In 2017, he initiated the program called "Why Not Coding" Initiative (WNC) in order to deliver the message of how important is technology in this 4th wave of industrial revolution.


1. Any pre-requisite for this workshop?
- No, there isn’t any pre-requisite, we welcome attendees from all sort of different background. However, having basic computer knowledge and preliminary mathematics will ease the process of learning.

2. What should I bring during the workshop?
- You’ll need to prepare your own laptop with minimum 4GB RAM with an Android Smartphone (Android 7.0 and above is preferred) and a USB cable. If you are not able to bring the minimum specs laptop, we will teach you to run the content on the cloud. A guideline of setup will be delivered to your email upon registered.

3. Is this a free workshop?
- No, the participant needs to pay.

4. What software is required to be pre-installed before the workshop?
- An installation guide of the required software will be sent to your email once confirm the attendance.

5. What is the time for this workshop?
- The date falls on 7th of July OR 14th of July. The workshop is starting at 9 am and finish at 6 pm. You just need to attend one session from the option.

6. Do I have certificate after the end of the workshop?
-Yes, a Cert of Accomplishment is given to every attended participant upon the completion of 8 hours course.

7. Is there any replacement class if I accidentally miss the workshop?
- No, there will not be any replacement class after the end of every session. Fee is not refundable as well.

8. Where is the lecture venue?
- For 7th of July will be at Futurise Centre (Block 3720 Persiaran Apec, Cyber 8, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor)