Folk Art Beginner Lesson 2 Workshop - Draw A Round Daisy

VC Art Stat

Saturday, 14 July 2018
12:00pm - 4:00pm MYT

  • [Mediums used for folk art]

    -We will usually use acrylic pigments for decorative coatings, due to its shorter drying time.


    [It can be used on various type of surfaces]
    -It can be used on wood, fabric and glass.
    -We can also apply it at MDF board, home furnishings or wood furniture.


    VC-Art is holding a European Folk Art Course for Beginner, which will last for two months and consist of eight classes, to let those who interested with folk art learn more about it. Our tutor for this course is Ms. Ryoko.


    Folk Art Painting is a painting technique that is learnt in the same way you learnt to write, it's a skill-based art so each brush stroke can be practiced over and over until it is mastered. Folk Art Painting takes the mystery out of learning because unlike something that is talent-based, skills can be taught and as you start painting simple designs and mixing paint colours, the artist within you will naturally show you the way. It's not something you have to force, it's already there, just waiting to be unleashed.


    Through this workshop, you will learn about:
    -Basic folk art drawing technique
    -How to use acrylic colour to draw folk art on MDF board
    -How to design and create you first folk art masterpiece


    Facilitator: Ms. Ryoko Tan
    -More than 10 years experience in practicing and teaching folk art painting in Singapore
    -Ex-interior designer who wishes to bring folk art into Malaysia, to let more people know about the uniqueness of folk art.


    ** Date: 14 July 2018 (Saturday)
    ** Time: 12.00pm - 4.00pm
    ** Registration Fee: RM 200 (include material)
    ** Each workshop limited to only 5 participants due to limited space
    ** Facilitator: Ms Ryoko Tan - more than 10 years experience in practicing and teaching folk art painting in Singapore
    ** Participants: 15 years old and above