Celebrate Puja Pantai Ritual 2018


Tuesday, 20 February 2018
9:30am - 4:30pm MYT

* Group size : Maximum 50 pax
* Your participation is only confirmed upon registration at (https://loka.fun/puja-pantai-ritual-2018)

An annual ritual in honor of the spirits of the seas practiced by the Mah Meri tribe of Carey Island

09.30 am : Registration @ MMCV
11.00 am : Blessing of Balai @ Kg. Sg. Judah
11.30 am : Puja Pantai March @ Kg. Sg. Judah
01.00 pm : Puja Pantai ritual @ Pantai Tg. Rhu
01.00 pm - 04.30 pm : Lunch, leadf origami demonstration & arrangement, mangrove timber sculturing, galleries open @ MMCV
04.30 pm : Program ends


HariMoyang, Puja Pantai is the last of the important rituals still being practiced by the Mah Meri. Puja Pantai rituals is appeasing the spirits of the seas. The ritual started many years ago when a tongkang ( ship ) carrying passengers and supplies was caught in a big storm off Carey Island coast, near to Tanjung Rhu. Tanjung Rhu faces the Malacca Straits and the open seas. None of the islanders thought that the ship would survive the storm. To their surprise the ship appears to be dragged to the shores by some unknown forces into safety during the storm. Following that incident the villagers believed that Moyang Getah ( Spirit of the rubber ) had saved the ship and its passengers. Moyang Getah has no relationship to rubber or rubber trees, but the ship had been saved by what they believe to be spirit that had shoved the ship towards the shore, as if glue or rubber.


At sunrise a day before the villagers gather on the beachside and together they took boats out to the sea near the mouth of a river. There they throw rice berteh ( popcorn of rice ) into the water while the villages who were on the beach offer prayers at the spirit houses along the river mouth. The boats then moved towards the sea about two kilometers to a site where they believed that another tongkang was not saved by Moyang Getah and sunk.

At sunset the villagers would seek audience with their love ones that have passed on at the sanggar alters located near to their houses. They offer food and drinks favorite to the deceased and communicate verbally with them.

Through the night the shaman and his helpers will engage with the spirit of getah through the shaman and at the height of the trance, the whole village will march out towards the shores where the mahligai or the grand alter had stood for many years, to offer the grand feast. The grand alter is almost submerged at high-tide, so the celebration will only start when the water had completely subside. Dances and song of praise accompany the shaman in trance possessed by the spirit getah and other spirits. Food and drinks brought by the villagers were shared at the end of the festival.

1. The itinerary and program may change subject to the tide & weather conditions
2. Volunteers required for Puja Pantai preparation & beach cleaning
3. For full ritual of two days please ask for quotation

1. Please do not remove origami decorations at the site, they are for the spirits
2. Food and drinks at the ritual site are for the participants & villages and not for visitors
3. Visitors & guests are given a visitors tag, you may not be permitted to enter the area without one
4. Please collect your visitirs entry pass at MMCV
5. Please observe the notices at the site