2017 GTWHI Heritage Talk Series:Breathing New Life into Old Hous

George Town World Heritage Incorporated

Saturday, 9 December 2017
2:30pm - 4:00pm MYT

"Breathing New Life into Old Houses: A Journey and Reflection on Heritage Regeneration in Taiwan " 
“‘老屋欣力’ 古蹟活化運動——反思與再出發” 

Speaker: Mr. Shih-Hua Yen (CEO, the Foundation of Historic City Conservation and Regeneration, Taiwan)

“Old House New Life” is a movement initiated in historical Tainan City by (Taiwan) Foundation of Historic City Conservation and Regeneration in 2008. It involved the promotion and acknowledgment of excellent old building regeneration projects. Throughout the years, the movement has successfully gained public awareness and brought a huge impact on the historic urban landscape and the old buildings, both in the positive and negative ways. Therefore, “Declaration of the Old House New Life” is launched to reclaim the origin and spirit of the movement. The declaration calls for a promotion of conservation and regeneration, responsible regeneration, restriction on adaptive re-use in alignment with the historical setting, local socio-cultural context, and business philosophy. In this talk, Mr. Yen will share his experience and thoughts on this matter.

‘老屋欣力’是古都保存再生文教基金會於2008 年在臺南府城發起,鼓吹民眾支持優質老屋活化案例的公益活動。這個活動成功引起社會對於老屋的關注,使得更多人投入修復和保存老屋。但是,這股風潮也引來的商機,也使得原本落寞的舊城區成為新興觀光地,而視老屋為生財工具的商業模式,也造成地方社會紋理的劇烈改變。在這次的講座中,主講人將與民眾回顧這趟旅程,並分享基金會為回歸‘老屋欣力’推動的初衷與理想,以及推動民眾在觀念轉變所做出的思考和努力。

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