Taste Of Nature- Random Coffee Cupping Workshop

Barista Guild Asia

Sunday, 17 December 2017
10:30am - 12:30pm MYT

Coffee Cupping Workshop Series:

Cupping coffee is probably one of the many essential skill anyone whether a coffee buyer, barista, roaster or even a consumer can develop within the coffee industry. The foundation of cupping was developed by green bean coffee buyer for the purpose providing a consistent methodology for evaluating a coffee’s quality before determining a price on the shipment. This method requires cuppers to use a strict set of tasting protocols to assess quality.

The practice, however, is relatively subjective and subject to the likes and dislikes of potential consumers and buyers, but it is nonetheless the de facto practice when discussing coffee quality and taste. 

Barista Guild Asia is proud to present to you our Coffee Cupping Series Workshop held twice weekly that is opened to Everyone! 

Every workshop will feature new learning objectives such as 
• Differences based on Coffee Varietals
• Roasting Profile and Cup Quality
• Regional differences in Coffee – South America, Central, East Africa, South East Asia, Far East and others
• Cupping Protocol and Process
• Learning to spot defects in coffee
• Coffee Processing methods and taste profiles
• Comparisons and Contrasts on : Acidity, Body, Sweetness, Clarity and more
• Every week will be a different learning objective
All these amazing coffees will are sponsored by local Roasters and Distributors. 

Each class will leave you with new learning and insights into coffee! Come join us weekly every Monday and Saturday Mornings at Barista Guild Asia!

Every Saturday/Monday: 1030am – 1230pm (Maximum 20 people only)
Note: Before attending the cupping session, we would like to request that you
• Do not wear any scent/perfume/body spray
• Please do not take anything spicy or strong flavored for breakfast
• Do have a light breakfast to activate your palate
• Come early to ensure you do not miss out

Entrance Fees: RM50 per person ( Non-Alumni)
RM35 per person (BGA Alumni Members)